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About LuxuryF1
About LuxuryF1

Our History

Our company, The Motorsport Shop Pty Ltd was established in 1989 out of love for Formula1. We established ourselves as an Ayrton Senna specialist in 1989 to later become a licensee and distributor in 1994.

My friendship with Neurosurgeon Professor Sid Watkins started with the global launch of his first book “Triumph and Tragedy in Formula One” in 1996. My dear friend Professor Sid Watkins and I would talk at a race or on the phone about his book and his close friend Ayrton, in later years Mika Hakkinen as we secured the gloabl scoop on the main images of his Adelaide accident in 1995.

In 1994, we manufactured the first 5000 Ayrton Senna Nacional Caps and distributed with the Official licensed ASFL tag and logo inside the Cap that was produced by Showa Brazil. Our company pre paid USD $25,000 in charitable royalties.

We distributed the Official DVAG Michael Schumacher Cap in 1999 and 2000 for Australia. Licensed Valentino Rossi in 2002 and 2003 to authorize and sign 46 motorbikes and 250 prints, the first-ever in his racing career, a landmark for future memorabilia collectors. Furthermore, we distributed for Troy Bayliss, Casey Stoner, Eddie Irvine, Giancarlo Fisichella, Sauber F1 with Massa and Alonso into Australia.

I want to thank my daughter Myanna Wedes who created the original content of Alan Jones latest book. The Forewords of Bernie and Sir Frank were recorded by Myanna with Myself present as published line by line in that recent book release. Our on-ground experience and passion for Motorsport helped us grow into various zones and provide a real-time quality experience to customers traveling to the All Grand Prix with special interest in the Monaco Grand Prix. We are an official F1Experiences Booking Agency. This is why LuxuryF1 was formed with thanks to Debbie, Rhyees, Myanna, Giarne, Sienna Wedes along with many customers and suppliers worldwide.

We work as a team and our golden rule is 100% Customer satisfaction at all times in all ways.

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